July 4 Greeting Note From Berlin To Philly

On July 4, 2020 there were two demonstrations to demand Mumia Abu-Jamal’s freedom in Philadelphia (USA) and Berlin (Germany).
Here you can hear a message from Berlin, which was read out at the protest in Philadelphia


Dear comrades,

we greet you warmly from the Free Mumia rally in front of the US Embassy in Berlin, Germany! We are here today while you are in the streets of Philadelphia.

The riots, demonstrations, rallies and actions, the overturning of statues, the ever-emerging and widespread footage of racist police violence: all of this shows that the struggle of which Mumia has been a part of for more than 50 years now, is more important and stronger than ever. Mumia, as the tireless voice of the prisoners, as a brilliant orator and as a comrade, is part of our struggle as well. His continued imprisonment is a beacon of the systemic injustices we all fight, be it in the US, Germany, Chile, Kurdistan or wherever people stand up against opression. That is why we call out in Berlin, just like you:

Free Mumia! Free them All!

The freedom of political prisoners is the condition for the freedom of all. The end of the prison industry, of the slavery that goes with it, is a necessary goal for any struggle for a liberated society. July 4th is just one of many days that demonstrate the hipocrisy of the promised freedom in this capitalist and racist society. Racism, colonialism, the opression of the many by capitalism and the state can only be overcome together. Fred Hampton said: „We don’t think you fight fire with fire best; we think you fight fire with water best. We’re going to fight racism not with racism, but we’re going to fight with solidarity.“

That is why today we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests, we stand in solidarity with the still imprisoned black panthers, we stand in solidarity with Mumia. Our solidarity will be stronger than their prisons.

Black Lives Matter! Free Mumia – Free Them All!

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